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On July 7-9, 2006, the University of Magdeburg hosted scholars and students at ,
an international conference on
Revolutions: Concepts, Discourses, Practices of Revolutionary Action of Our Time.

On this web page you will find the details on the theme and the program of this congress.


The proceedings of the 2004 and 2003 conferences have come out:

  • Alexander Geiger, Simone Kaiser, Anett Krause, Michael Nitsche (Hrsg.) (2005): Diskurse der Gewalt - Gewalt der Diskurse. Macht - Identität - Gewalt. Magdeburg.
  • Michael Schultze, Jörg Meyer, Dietmar Fricke und Britta Krause (Hrsg.) (2005): Diskurse der Gewalt - Gewalt der Diskurse. Frankfurt am Main et al.: Lang.
  • Dirk Wiemann, Agata Stopinska, Anke Bartels, and Johannes Angermüller (eds.) (2005): Discourses of Violence Violence of Discourses. Critical Interventions, Transgressive Readings, Postnational Negotiations. Frankfurt am Main et al.: Lang.
  • Angermüller, Johannes, Dirk Wiemann, Raj Kollmorgen and Jörg Meyer (eds.) (2004): Reflexive Representations: Politics, Hegemony, and Discourse in Global Capitalism. Münster: LIT/Transaction.
  • Meyer, Jörg, Raj Kollmorgen, Johannes Angermüller and Dirk Wiemann (eds.) (2004): Reflexive Repräsentationen: Diskurs, Macht und Praxis der Globalisierung. Münster: LIT.
Please contact if you have questions concerning the proceedings.

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