Welcome to the conference archives of Transforma #2,
the Transdisciplinary Forum Magdeburg of 2004!

From July 2nd to 4th 2004 Magdeburg University hosted scholars and students to , the international conference "Discourses of Violence - Violence of Discourses".

Keynote address: Rob Walker (Professor of International Relations at Keele)

Click here for photographs of the plenary sessions and the keynote speaker.

These pages contain all necessary information about the themes, the contributions and the program of the conference.


The proceedings of the 2004 conference have come out.

  • Michael Schultze, Jörg Meyer, Dietmar Fricke und Britta Krause (Hrsg.) (2005): Diskurse der Gewalt - Gewalt der Diskurse. Frankfurt am Main et al.: Lang.
  • Dirk Wiemann, Agata Stopinska, Anke Bartels, and Johannes Angermüller. (eds.) (2005): Discourses of Violence Violence of Discourses. Critical Interventions, Transgressive Readings, Postnational Negotiations. Frankfurt am Main et al.: Lang.

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