Welcome to the conference archives of Transforma #1,
the Transdisciplinary Forum Magdeburg of 2003!

From July 4th to 6th 2003, Magdeburg University hosted scholars and students to , the international conference "Reflexive Representations: Discourse, Power, and Practice in Global Capitalism".

Ernesto Laclau (University of Essex) gave the plenary address ("Popular Identities and Globalization").

These pages contain all necessary information about the theme, the program and the archived papers, of this conference.


The proceedings of the 2003 conference are out:

  • Angermüller, Johannes, Dirk Wiemann, Raj Kollmorgen and Jörg Meyer (eds.) (2004): Reflexive Representations: Politics, Hegemony, and Discourse in Global Capitalism. Münster: LIT/Transaction.
  • Meyer, Jörg, Raj Kollmorgen, Johannes Angermüller and Dirk Wiemann (eds.) (2004): Reflexive Repräsentationen: Diskurs, Macht und Praxis der Globalisierung. Münster: LIT.
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